Dislyte Codes: List of all bonus codes (June 2022)

Dislyte being a mobile game, where many collectibles are available and (very) useful for your progress, it is not surprising to know that the developers allow players to collect some bonuses through codes specials, called in-game gift codes. Thanks to these codes, players can recover a multitude of things for free, often helping to progress quickly in Dislyte.

Codes Dislyte

The various lists list all of the codes Dislyteor which have been, classified according to their date of appearance on Dislyte. These codes allow you to recover crystals, gold discs or gold coins for free and quickly.

If some of codes Dislyte offered are no longer functional, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments so that we can update the list.

Active Dislyte Codes

  • 100,000 Gold and 50 Core Crystals → DislyteYTB50k
  • 100,000 Gold, 50 Core Crystals and 2x Capacium → jontronshow
  • 1 x Starium, 4 x Experium, 100,000 Gold and 50 Core Crystals → AviveHD
  • 50 Core Crystals, 4 x Experium, 1 x Starium and an XP boost (8h) → Tgtyoutube
  • 100,000 Gold, 1 XP boost (8h) and an energy pack → StSkiCrimax
  • 100,000 Gold, 50 Core Crystals and 5 Divine Wave Option Packs → LingBigYong
  • 1 x Gold Disc and 100 Core Crystals → JoinDislyte

Expired Dislyte Codes

  • 100,000 Gold and 50 Core Crystals → Zoxlyte

How to activate the codes in Dislyte?

In order to obtain the various expected rewards, you will first have to launch Dislyte. Once in game, and the short introduction finished, you just have to click on your profile, at the top left of the screen. Then go to the “SETTINGS” sub-menu (at the bottom) then to “SERVICES”, where you will find the “GIFT CODE” button. This is where you can enter one of the many codes valides Dislyte present in the list below. The path to access it can also be viewed via the screenshots below.

Note that you can also enter the codes directly on the official website Dislyteprovided you have your player ID (which can be found under your name in your profile.

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