Disturbing Cases of Baby Abandonment Shake Malaysia: Unearthing the Truth Behind Shocking Incidents

2023-07-18 15:10:00

A newborn baby in Malaysia was dumped in a septic tank in an apartment. (Schematic diagram / flip from pixabay)

Damn it! In Malaysia, a newborn baby was dumped into the septic tank of the apartment without the umbilical cord being cut. The workers found the baby’s body and called the police. The police arrived to salvage the baby’s body soon after. In just 3 days, this is the second case of baby abandonment in Sabah. Whether the murderer is the same person remains to be further investigated.

According to the China Press report, the incident happened on the morning of the 17th. A sewage worker found a foreign object in a septic tank in an apartment in Inanam, Sabah. He thought it was a “toy”. The baby’s body, originally wanted to fish up the body, but worried that it would be too late and would be washed away by the current, so he notified the supervisor and then called the police.

The baby’s umbilical cord hasn’t been cut yet. (Photo/Recap from China Press)

The police rushed to the scene and retrieved the baby’s body. The scientific witness team confirmed that it was 18 centimeters long and was still connected to the umbilical cord. The identity of the baby”, the police invoked Article 318 of the Criminal Code (secret disposal of baby corpses or concealment of parentage) to investigate the case, and appealed to those with information to call and provide information, hoping to find out the truth as soon as possible.

In fact, on the 15th, a garbage truck driver found the body of a newborn baby boy in a garbage dump in the business district of Lahad Datu Faja. Due to the two cases of baby abandonment within 3 days, people can’t help but wonder if there is an unknown secret behind it.

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