DIY PS Portal Controller: How to Make Your Own Affordable and Powerful PS5 Remote Gaming Device with Bluetooth Support

2023-12-01 05:11:25
For PlayStation 5 players, they may want to buy Sony’s latest PS Portal controller to play PS5 games remotely. However, PS Portal can only stream PS5 games and has no other functions. It does not support Bluetooth. It costs 199 US dollars. The somewhat expensive price still makes people think twice, but the homemade PS Portal handle recently shared by Chinese female channel host Xiao Ningzi is easier to use than the official Sony one, costs only half, and even supports Bluetooth. It feels like Making your own seems to be a good choice. A Chinese female channel owner used ChatGPT to make her own PS Portal controller. Not only is it half the price, it is also more powerful than the Sony version (Steam games can also be played). Since Sony released the PS Portal controller, many people have classified this device as DualSense. Two halves, and then a flat plate in the middle, it really looks like this. Chinese YouTube channel Xiao Ningzi has always liked making things with her hands, and after seeing these comments, she decided to make her own. But of course it is not as simple as what is said on the Internet. After cutting the DualSense in the middle, the circuit board inside is also broken in half, making it completely unusable. So she had to redesign a separate PCB: But she had no relevant knowledge at all, so she had to start from scratch, starting with a breadboard to get familiar with the circuit, and then designing a new PCB: Hand As for the handle, she originally wanted to make a DualSense handle with a retractable middle, so that the tablet could be sandwiched in the middle, but it failed in the end. This method was not feasible: In the end, she started with the original DualSense handle, but it was directly Buying the case online only costs 60 RMB (approximately NT$270). Slowly cut from the edge, disassemble the unnecessary parts, and finally get the joystick separated on both sides: As for the handle chip part, of course, Sony cannot use Sony’s own self-developed chip. She uses ESP32 instead, which is not only functional. Powerful, the price is only a few RMB, and it supports Bluetooth function: According to her explanation, when researching circuit boards, she always relies on ChatGPT to solve problems. ChatGPT can help when encountering any situation, such as asking about the chip. What are the pins used for? Not only that, most of the subsequent programming is done by ChatGPT. Give it a demonstration and tell it the requirements. For example, if you want to call the Bluetooth module, ChatGPT can give the answer, and then check the result. If there is an error, ask it to change it. That’s it. Keep iterating until complete. So if you want to rely on ChatGPT to write programs, you still have to know what each code is used for, otherwise it may answer questions randomly: In addition, her mother happens to be an engineer, so she helps to check whether the final circuit diagram is feasible. : After everything is completed and each button is tested to work properly, you can assemble it: Unlike Sony, it uses a tablet, not a simple screen, but the specifications are the same 8-inch 1920×1080 resolution, with Android operation system, so this self-made PS Portal can do everything Android can do, and its functions are even more powerful than the Sony version: The final product is complete! Of course, the connection part with PS5 is achieved through PS Remote Play App. According to her, the game played very smoothly, with almost no delay: not only streaming PS5 games, but also streaming Steam games: the final cost was 730 yuan, about NT$3,200, only half of Sony (199 (USD): Although strictly speaking, this is an Android tablet with an external DualSense controller, but when it is turned into a handheld device, it is quite interesting to play, as if it is just like PS Portal. However, I guess the connection quality and stability will be worse than PS Portal, after all, it is streaming through the App. Full video:
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