Not as seen in person, in the movie, that heroine is me: actress Lizabeth Toomey interview

2023-12-02 05:21:15

Film was always a bright dream for Lizabath, a Thodupuzha girl. At one time, there was no confidence to reach that world. But as the dream of cinema grew into confidence, the way opened before her. To the details of Lizabeth Tommy who made her debut as a heroine with the movie Maharani directed by Marthandan.

I am a movie fanatic

Since childhood I have been quite obsessed with movies. From the time I was in high school, I started going to the theater alone and watching movies. My country is Thodupuzha. It was not developed as much as it is now. I still remember the first time I went to the theater. I was very scared. Out of curiosity. Then, it became permanent. So I liked watching the movie. No matter where I go, my mother is sure that I will come home safely. He started going to the cinema during school holidays.

When desire becomes confidence

He started feeling the urge to act when he was studying engineering. I still didn’t know I could act. I don’t look like the usual movie heroines. So there was no confidence. It was three and a half years ago that I started feeling good confidence. Since then he was actively looking for opportunities in films.

Engineering from Christ College, Bengaluru. The course was completed in 2022. Since the study is mostly online, it is possible to come to the country and try the film. At that time Manorama acted in a web series for Max. I played the role of Megha in the web series Where we stand. Hakeem Shah Jahan was the central character in it. It was for that web series that I stood in front of the camera for the first time.

To the Maharani

An audition call for Maharani was seen in September last year. But I could not participate in it. Later in October, the same casting call came again. It just felt like it was going to be done again for me. So participated in it. The audition was really tough. There were two rounds. There was no hope of getting it. But to my surprise, the call came three days later.

Maharani’s set was a new experience. I was asked to come on set even before my parts were shot. It helped to make friends with everyone. All are experienced actors. Everyone showed me consideration and support as a newbie. Also, I was told from the beginning that my face will not be revealed before the release of the film. I was okay with that.

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Isn’t being undetected an endorsement?

After the release of the movie, the response is getting good. There is a big difference between the person I am and the character Rani. So, even after the release of the film, many people did not realize that I played the role. Ratheshetan (screenwriter Ratheesh Ravi) has designed my character in the film in such a way that it feels like ‘It was for her.’ It worked. There is a nice difference in looks.

It’s not like seeing me in person in the movie. Feeling like a different person on screen is definitely a pleasure. You become an actor when you play a role that is different from real life. And the only problem is that no one recognizes me even after acting in a film. It doesn’t matter. The audience loves the character.


Mohamad’s desire to act in films did not have much support from his family at first. Slightly frosted at the point where they felt I was too fond of it. Later, she decided to do it. They were also happy when the film released and got good responses. Both father and mother are in business. There are two sisters. In fact, they are more excited and happy than me.

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