2023-2024 Shougang Big Jump World Cup Qualifying: Beijing Winter Olympics Champion Su Yiming Advances to Snowboard Finals

2023-12-02 03:30:00

Original title: Shougang Big Jump World Cup Qualifying Competition Ends (Quote)

Su Yiming ranked first and advanced to the snowboard finals (theme)

Beijing Daily (reporter Deng Fangjia, intern Ye Binzheng) Yesterday, the 2023-2024 International Snowboard and Freestyle Skiing Big Jump World Cup entered its second competition day. The snowboarding qualifying round was held that day, and Beijing Winter Olympics champion Su Yiming advanced to the finals with the first place in the qualifying round.

In the morning of the same day, the women’s snowboard big platform qualifying competition was held first. A total of 11 athletes participated, and no players from the Chinese team participated. In the end, eight athletes led by Anna Gasser, the champion of this event at the Beijing Winter Olympics, advanced to the finals. After the game, Austrian player Anna Gasser said: “Looking back at the Shougang Big Jump competition, I am full of emotions. With such a good venue and the cheers of so many spectators, I am very happy to enter the finals smoothly. I will do my best by then. Let’s go and win the gold medal.”

In the men’s snowboard big platform qualifying competition that followed, 43 athletes were divided into two groups to compete. In the end, only the top five in each group advanced. The competition was fierce. The competition lasts for three rounds, and the best scores from the two rounds are added together as the final score.

Su Yiming was in the second group. The competition started at around 5 o’clock in the evening. Night had just fallen, and the sky in the distance was still orange. The towering Shougang Ski Jump was brightly lit, and the audience could not restrain their excitement and cheered frequently. “Snow Flying Sky”, currently the world’s only permanent large diving platform, made its debut again after the Beijing Winter Olympics. The Shougang Bridge and cooling towers stand majestically beside it. Under the cover of night, it perfectly combines industrial beauty and sports beauty, presenting to the world An example of utilizing Olympic heritage.

In the competition, Su Yiming successfully completed the 1,800-inward turn on the front foot in the first jump and ranked first with 88.00 points. In the second jump, Su Yiming maintained a stable state and completed the 1,620 in-turn on the back foot and scored 75.50 points. Although the third jump appeared There was a mistake, but Su Yiming relied on his first two jumps to rank first in the qualifying round with 163.50 points and advanced to the finals. Another Chinese player Yang Wenlong ranked 21st in the group and missed the finals.

If Su Yiming won the Beijing Winter Olympics as a “dark horse”, then Su Yiming now has stable and strong “podium strength.” After the game, Su Yiming said: “I saw a lot of friends and spectators at the scene to support me and snowboarding. As a professional snowboarder and a snowboard promoter, I am very happy to see more and more people. People are paying attention to snowboarding. The industry as a whole is moving forward, which is all I hope for.”

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It has been nearly two years since the Beijing Winter Olympics. Su Yiming also talked about the changes. He said: “My height and weight have changed, and my understanding of snowboarding has also changed. I haven’t participated in a formal competition for a long time. Returning to the court will be a challenge for me both physically and mentally.”

Talking about returning to “Xue Feitian”, Su Yiming said: “The Shougang Big Diving Platform is the place where my dream began. This place is very, very special to me, and every corner has very special memories.” Looking forward to the next day’s finals, Su Yiming He said: “In the finals, I still have to focus on myself, follow the plan step by step, show my best side, and strive for better results.”

On the same day, Shougang Ski Jump Tainan Plaza also launched a rich interactive experience. The electronic music festival that started at 20 o’clock attracted many tourists to check in. Today, the Big Platform World Cup will kick off the snowboard and freestyle finals, and an award ceremony will be held after the game. Chinese women’s freestyle player Liu Mengting is expected to compete at around 13:00, and Su Yiming is expected to appear at around 18:00.

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