Djokovic returns to winning ways

Novak Djokovic stepped on the ATP Tel Aviv 2022 knowing that he is the main favorite for the title, but, above all, with the obligation to win after what happened in the 2022 Laver Cup. Well, the number 1 seed has devastated Paul Andujara tennis player who is not particularly good at the indoor tour.


With a dizzying pace, Nole began to earn points as if this tennis thing was simple. Breaking Coquense’s first two services and without hesitation with his serve, Djokovic put the direct to a first set that barely lasted half an hour. With 5-0 on the scoreboard and with only 5 points won by Andujar, the former world number 1 was at a very high level of rhythm and accuracy.

Israel enjoyed and cheered on its star, who was unable to make his doubles debut yesterday due to an injury to his partner, local player Jonathan Erlich. In the end, with no chance of a comeback in this first round, Djokovic closed the first quarter 6-0, leaving Andujar very touched, who had to dance with the ugliest.

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As we all know, Pablo Andujar is not a tennis player who gives up easily and has tried to do everything in his power to rejoin a duel in which, unfortunately, he has been greatly outmatched. Struggling to get his first game in the match, the one from Cuenca fought as much as possible, waiting for a downturn from the Serbian crack. Almost sweating blood in a game that lasted 25 minutes (almost the same as the first set), the veteran tennis player got the goal of honor, keeping some life in the race.

The best points began to be seen on the center court, which enjoyed a somewhat more even duel, moments where we could see the impeccable physical condition of a Novak who liked volleying. At 3-3, Djokovic was once again increasing the pace of his shots and the speed of his legs.

Serving to close, after getting a disputed break, Novak settled the problem 6-3. Losing just three games and getting off to a blistering start, Djokovic strikes fear into his competition.

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