Do not travel in the car with your feet on the dashboard if you do not want to end up like this

Sitting in the car seat and placing your feet on the dashboard does not seem the most comfortable posture; however, it is quite frequent to see some co-pilots in it, especially when the trip is long. Well, it should be noted that going in the car in this position is a penalty, as, for example, travel lying on a reclined backrest to the maximum, with a fine of maximum 100 euros and does not entail withdrawal of points. Although in this case the economic sanction is not high, the most important are our legs and joints, as they warn from the Twitter of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT):

And as they point out in another “tweet”: “A picture is worth a thousand words”:

The problem comes when we ask who should take care of the fine, since, in principle, it should be the driver of the vehicle, as they advance from Autocasión, because he is the one who must ensure the safety of his passengers, in the same way that if one of the occupants does not wear a seat belt. However, if the person who commits the infraction (in this case the co-pilot when taking his feet on the dashboard) has a valid driver’s license, it will be him to whom the complaint corresponds to the agent, since when he owns the card It is assumed that you know the regulation and therefore it is your responsibility to comply with it. That is, if someone traveling with you in the car does not have a license, their acts and recklessness imply that the driver will be the culprit. If on the contrary they do, they will be the ones denounced themselves.

Specifically, the article on which the agents are based to report the one who travels with their feet on the dashboard is the following:

Article 18 of the General Traffic Regulations: 1.- The driver of a vehicle is OBLIGED to maintain his own freedom of movement, the necessary field of vision and permanent attention to driving, which guarantee his own safety, that of the rest of occupants of the vehicle and that of other road users. For these purposes, you must take special care to maintain the proper position and to MAINTAIN THE REST OF THE PASSENGERS, and the proper placement of objects or animals transported so that there is no interference between the driver and any of them.

In case of an accident…
The position in which we place our feet on the dashboard may be comfortable for a few moments, but it ends up loading the lumbar area a lot due to the angle it causes between the legs and the hip and spine. In addition, the main danger is what can happen in case of an accident:

-Break of cheekbones and jaw: in case of frontal blow, the dashboard moves backwards while our body does it forwards. The knees tend to impact us on the face causing breakage of the jaw and cheekbones.

– Blindness: it is not as frequent as the previous case, but there have also been injuries of this type. The knees can directly impact the eye sockets and cause irreversible lesions in the eyeball. Also the cheekbone rupture can end up damaging the eye indirectly.

knee and pelvis recesses.

-Brain Injuries: the impact of the face against the knees usually causes severe head injuries.

Also important is the danger that the passenger airbag can have since most cars ride it on the dashboard. In case it unfolds, instead of serving to cushion a possible blow of our thorax and face against the dashboard, what it will do is project our legs against our body. Just as the “underwater effect” can take place, since when we suffer a frontal impact, the body tends to run under the seat belt. To avoid this, the base of the car seats has a protrusion that holds our hip. If we sit with our feet on the dashboard, this highlight is useless and our body will drain forward more sharply. .

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