Do young people tend to overestimate their first salary?

According to a study that has just come out, the real salary of young graduates in Belgium is, in reality, 38% lower than what they expected. So, are young workers too “confident”? If yes, why ?

What remuneration do young workers expect to receive? “I already know what I’m going to touch“, says a young interviewee who specifies: “1.800 euros !“. Obviously not yet on the job market, a young man hopes to touch him between “1,700 and 2,000 euros.”

Answers that coincide with the reality on the ground. On average, the salary of a young worker would be 1806 net per month. An amount that most young Belgians tend to overestimate. According to a study, all sectors combined, young Belgians would expect to receive 2,500 euros net per month, or 38% more than the market offer.

Francine Dolicimascolo is a ‘Human Resources’ partner – Sd Worx. She develops: “We have a generation of young people who have been accustomed to a certain comfort and they can have direct expectations: to be able to have the super salary package right away, with in particular the company vehicle, then in terms of IT the latest technology at the level of the smartphone, computer, tablet.”

To compensate for this difference, some companies therefore consider additional benefits for their young employees. “For example, the granting of meal vouchers. Not all companies grant them yet. But certainly also other formulas such as a ‘cafeteria’ plan or anything that ultimately also affects mobility”, continues Francine Dolicimascolo.

Finally, the gaps between market expectations and offers could also explain the major wave of resignations in certain sectors.

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