Doctor Yong solves doubts. Is the 4th needle of the Covid vaccine necessary to inject?

Is the fourth dose of booster vaccine necessary?

full vaccination Means receiving the initial 2 doses of vaccine followed by the 3rd booster, so it is called full vaccination. Preliminary and stimulating is required.

One more stimulus is a second stimulus, also known as The fourth dose of the vaccine is needed in high-risk groups. Especially people over the age of 50 and or have congenital disease including what we call 608

In those with chronic diseases such as kidney disease, cancer or other immune-related diseases that prevent vaccination, the response is poor. This group is absolutely necessary to get 4 needles.

in which the group is at high risk of touching high patients such as medical personnel It is another group that has a need for vaccination, 4 said Dr Yong.

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