Doctors reframe Eric Zemmour after his comments about the hospital: “This is obviously not true and you know it”

At a conference in Béziers on October 16, the potential candidate for the French presidential election made the abolition of AME (state medical aid) his priority to reform the health system. Words that made many doctors jump on social networks.

I think the hospital is completely besieged by a population from all over the world, which it is obliged to treat at our expense. I think this is one of the first steps to take, ie to remove the AME “, he said at the conference. “There is work to be done for the French hospital to stop being the hospital for all of Africa“, added the potential candidate for the presidential election, credited with 16% of the voting intentions in the latest polls, which has started a tour throughout France.

If the proposal is not a surprise coming from Eric Zemmour, twice convicted of incitement to hatred, the idea of ​​a public hospital “under siege” because of this aid system provoked the rectifications and aroused some mockery of caregivers working in the field.

Less than 1% of patients consulting in the emergency room in Nantes are covered by the AME”, Recalled on Twitter Philippe Le Conte, doctor at the Nantes University Hospital. “We do not besiege a refuge”, launched on Twitter Dr. Jérôme Marty, president of the UFML.

Doctors around the world also denounce the myopia of such an analysis. “The hospital is wrung out by ultra-liberal policies and ideology that break public service”, Advances the doctor and humanitarian Jean-François Corty.

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Mathias Wargon, head of emergencies in Seine-Saint-Denis (93), recalls on Twitter the presence of many people of immigrant origin among caregivers. ”At the hospital, you are treated by doctors from all over the world. Not only because of the numerus clausus, but also because the guards are tough and badly paid”, Explains the doctor.

Internet users are not deprived of recalling that in the hospital, people of foreign origins are indeed numerous among the ranks of caregivers!

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