DOFUS Temporis 7: Where to get the dofus, Tempofus drops and quests

The drop system Dofus is back for Seasonal 7 ! Go through the dungeons and collect the precious dragon eggs. However, for your Altered to have the passive for them, the Ankama team has concocted a special system.

Last Update: 03/07 – Added drop rate

DOFUS Temporis 7: Where to get dofus, drops and quests

Dofus are available in the form of “Tempofus” via the drop on Dungeon bosses. They are exchangeable as long as they are not used; they then become linked to your character. They are very powerful during your progress and the loot allows you to skip a good part of the quests. It is therefore in your interest to pay attention to it!

Note that the “effects” of the Dofus (% final damage if hit received from a distance, effect of the Spotted Dofus) are not directly transmitted to the Altered. You will only have the “direct” characteristics, out of combat. Do not worry ! Badges are available in the Ephemeral Dimension for Osatons to do this job

In addition, there are daily bonuses allowing you to increase either your drop or the rate of obtaining the Tempofuses themselves.

EDIT : According to a leak concerning the Nightmare Tempofus, it seems that the drop rate is 0.60%.

Obtaining Tempofus by the drop

The table below comes from Temporis 6, it will be updated as and when

Dofus Obtaining
Silver Dungeons 20 – 30
mob the sponge
Bouftou Royal
Field Dungeon
Cacao Dungeons 50
Golden Scarabugly
Cawotte Wa Wabbit
legendary cracker
Wa Wobot
To Doc Mantiscore
Emeraude Meulou
Dolmanax Master Corbac, Dramak (including Master of Puppets)
Turquoise Soft Oak
Dragon Cochon
Dokoko Moon Island Dungeons
Vulbis Crocabulia
Ice Dofus Frigost Boss III
Ebony Tal Kasha
Abyssal Boss of the Abyss of Sufokia
Nebulous Boss 200 of Dimensions outside Chaloeil
Ocher Giant Kralove
Domakuro Boss de Pandala 1
Medicine Boss de Pandala 2
Spotted Boss de Pandala 3
Dotruche High Truche
Nightmare Eternal Conflict, Kabahal
Sparkling Silver 4 Cavaliers
Purple Minotoror, Minotot
watchmen Dimension 100 to 130 bosses
Calyptus Skeunk, Koulosse

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