Dollar Small Face: Validity, Exchange Rates, and Options for Bills Not Accepted

2023-06-14 15:36:52

Given the difference in the price of the dollar depending on the type of ticket, the United States Federal Reserve (FED, according to its acronym in English) clarified what is the validity of the so-called “small face”. In this sense, he put Argentine savers and the parallel market on alert.

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In a statement, the Federal Reserve Board admitted that “in some countries there may be different exchange rates or currency acceptance policies”, but warned that “It is the markets and not the United States government that control these prices.”.

In this way, it did not endorse differentiating the value of $100 bills issued before 1996 with the most recent ones. In turn, it did not approve that its validity is not accepted in some exchange houses in the illegal market.

Older UScurrency designs are still legal tender, regardless of when they were issued. ohno need to change them!”, the entity maintained.

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Dollar small face: how are the bills that are not accepted and what is their value

As for the dollar that trades less in the parallel market, is the one of U$100 denominated “girl face”, as well as those of U$1, U$5, U$10, U$20 y U$50. Your price at the time of exchange it varies between 4% and up to 8% less than large-faced or blue.

But in some cases, these bills are not accepted. Given this, there are three ways to change them.

  1. Deposit them in a bank account, make a withdrawal the next day and wait for the entity to deliver new bills.
  2. Abroad, if they are exchanged or used to pay.
  3. Deposit them in a dollar account and use them in all kinds of transactions.

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