Donald Trump announces Twitter (and co) the fight

The US president signed an order to regulate social networks. Before that, one of his tweets was subjected to a fact check.

Donald Trump uses the short message service Twitter fairly excessively, but now the US president is declaring war on social media: Trump signed an order on Thursday (local time) with which he wants to regulate social networks more. He accuses them of censoring unpleasant views and thus endangering freedom of expression and democracy. Above all, he could mean his opinion: Because Twitter had previously had a tweet from the President subjected to a fact check.

How exactly Trump So far, it is still unclear to put platforms on the net in the gates. Attorney General William Barr is tasked with drafting more detailed legislation. Trump already said he was expecting lawsuits against his advance. The Democrats consider the action a maneuver Trumpsto distract from its failings in the corona pandemic.

Platform can act against content and users

The decision focuses on the comprehensive legal protection of online services – a cornerstone that has made Facebook, Twitter and YouTube possible in their current form. Trump wants to review a clause known as “Section 230”. According to this regulation, online services are not liable for content published by users. At the same time, platforms are allowed to act against certain content or users.

Barr emphasized that the clause should not be abolished, but should be regulated. It was used far beyond its original purpose. Take a look at various legislative options. Ministries and federal agencies are also called upon to review their spending on advertising and marketing on online platforms.

Trump against Twitter’s “uncontrolled power”

Trump said it was about protecting freedom of expression and democracy. Large online platforms would have “uncontrolled power” to censor and restrict interaction. They are by no means neutral platforms on which everyone can express their opinion, but they try to suppress views that do not correspond to their political point of view.

trigger for Trumps The move is a confrontation with Twitter. The short message service had first checked the president’s tweet on Tuesday for a fact. Had in it Trump claims that postal voting encourages fraud. According to the fact check, this is misleading. Trump accused Twitter of interfering in the US presidential election in November.

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