Donald Trump: neighborhood dispute in Florida! That was too much for “The Don”

You can imagine the excitement on Donald Trump’s face. Another Republican is more popular than him? Reason enough for “The Don” to start a real neighborhood dispute in Florida.

Makes Donald Trump really serious now and is he finally redeeming his “Make America Great” followers? The Don is reportedly considering announcing his expected run for the 2024 presidential election amid mounting pressure from Republican rival Ron DeSantis. The governor of Florida, of all people, is the biggest threat to the former Republican presidential nomination should he decide to run.

Donald Trump involved in neighborhood dispute in Florida

As is well known, Donald Trump has resided in Florida himself since leaving the White House. And it’s there, at his luxury Mar-a-Lago retreat in Palm Beach, that the much-anticipated announcement is rumored to be made. Mar-a-Lago is said to have already become a center for launching the Trump campaign. The Trump advisory staff is already on site. But it sounds a bit like a neighborhood dispute with the unloved nuisance from behind the hedge.

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Donald Trump launches 2024 election campaign due to pressure from “horror neighbor” Ron DeSantis

The strategic decision to launch the 2024 campaign from Florida is viewed as an opportunity for Donald Trump to trump Ron DeSantis on his own turf, writes “” current. Recent data from Republican voters in New Hampshire showed the two rivals almost evenly tied: De Santis got it at 39 percentage points, Trump was at 37 percentage points. Too much of a good thing for Donald Trump. The former president’s concerns, He recently distracted himself from confronting his opponent in an interview, in which Trump said: “I don’t know if Ron is running and I’m not asking him either. That is his prerogative. I think I would win,” he clarified.

Donald Trump is reportedly already raising over $120 million

And another advantage is evident for Donald Trump in Florida. As the largest swing state in the United States, Florida, with its tremendous fundraising opportunities, offers many advantages as a location to launch the Trump campaign. The 45th president has reportedly already raised over $120 million, far more than the other potential candidates and the Republican National Committee.

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