Dota 2 Update 7.34e Release Time and Patch Details

2023-11-17 08:18:00

On the morning of November 17, Valve revealed information about the next Dota 2 update – it will be released on November 20. To the disappointment of many fans, the next patch will not be 7.35, but 7.34e. Judging by the developers’ message, the update will primarily focus on the balance of heroes who showed themselves at The International 2023. Probably, there will be no global changes, like a new event, in 7.34e – they will have to wait for 7.35. However, one patch release date is not enough for Dota 2 fans; many gamers always want to know the exact release time in order to be the first to try out all the innovations. For them, we have collected information about previous updates.

How long should I expect the patch?

Valve released most of its latest updates late at night Moscow time, approximately three hours. Therefore, the most likely time period for the release of update 7.34e is from 2:00 to 4:30 Moscow time.

Release times for past patches in Dota 2:

patch 7.34d – 2:30 Moscow time; patch 7.34c – 4:30 Moscow time; patch 7.34b – 4:30 Moscow time; patch 7.34 – 1:40 Moscow time; patch 7.33d – 4:20 Moscow time; patch 7.33c – 3: 00 Moscow time; patch 7.33b – 4:40 Moscow time; patch 7.33 – 2:40 Moscow time; patch 7.32e – 1:00 Moscow time; patch 7.32d – 22:30 Moscow time; patch 7.32c – 21:00 Moscow time; patch 7.32b – 3: 30 Moscow time; patch 7.32 – 23:50 Moscow time; patch 7.31d – 3:00 Moscow time; patch 7.31c – 00:30 Moscow time; patch 7.31b – 4:00 Moscow time; patch 7.31 – 1:30 Moscow time.

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What will happen in patch 7.34e?

This weekend is the last opportunity to use the heroes and strategies that have revealed themselves at The International 2023. Update 7.34e will be released on November 20th.

It is obvious that Valve first of all paid attention to nerfs and buffs of characters and items. Previously, has already compiled two top heroes: one indicates the most obvious candidates for weakening in the upcoming update, and the other lists characters who, due to low performance, on the contrary, should receive noticeable enhancements.

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