Dozens dead in police operation in prison in Paraguay

2023-12-19 00:59:44

At least twelve people were killed in a police operation against a criminal gang in a prison in Paraguay. Eleven prisoners and a police officer were killed in the Tacumbú detention center in the capital Asunción when security forces stormed the overcrowded prison, police said on Monday. After hours of fighting, the police brought the prison back under control.

Officers confiscated firearms, ammunition and explosives. The crime syndicate Clan Rotela is said to have previously largely controlled the prison. According to media reports, the police discovered, among other things, fighting dogs, roosters for cockfights and a small supermarket in the cells. In addition, almost 50 women were apparently illegally detained in the prison. After the operation, around 700 prisoners were transferred to other prisons, including the powerful gang leader Armando Rotela.

Many prisons in Latin America are controlled by crime syndicates. Incarcerated gang bosses often control the business of their criminal organizations from prison. In most cases, the security forces simply ensure that the prisoners remain in the detention centers. Within the walls they are largely left to their own devices.

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