Dozens of sessions brought together Latifa and Ziad Al-Rahbani… Read the details

2023-05-12 16:02:59

Tunisian singer Latifa is working on a new album that will be signed by the Lebanese artist, Ziad Rahbani, explaining in an interview with “Al-Watan” that the album will bring to mind the success of her previous album “Absolute Information”, which was also signed by Ziad.

Latifa revealed that she held dozens of sessions during the last period with Ziad Rahbani to agree on the form of her new songs, which she is scheduled to release in the coming period.

She indicated that Ziyad is considered a sign of Arab art throughout its history, and he has a great talent that no one else has.

Latifa had collaborated with the artist Ziad Al-Rahbani through an album titled “Accurate Information” in 2007. The collaboration between them was a remarkable success.

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