Dr. Manoon advised the elderly and patients with 7 chronic diseases to inject mRNA stimulator into the lungs.

Follow up with patients by phone every day until the 7th day after contracting the coronavirus. Patients eat less food Blood sugar dropped to 53 mg%, fever started, exhausted, immediately went to bed in the hospital on February 12, 65, fever, temperature 39 degrees Celsius, blood oxygen level dropped to 92%. Lung X-ray began to have white patches on both sides (see Figure) Leukocyte low 4490, inflammation in the blood hs-CRP 57 high (normal value 0-5) LDH 312 slightly elevated (normal value 120-246) nasal cannula oxygen 3 l/min treated. With intravenous steroids for 5 days, fever decreased, no tiredness, blood oxygen level improved. lung x-ray improved the patient can go home does not require oxygen After 6 days in the hospital, follow up on X-ray of the lungs 1 week after leaving the hospital. X-ray of the lungs returned to normal (see picture). Now the patient is fine, not tired, not coughing, eating well. If the patient was previously vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine, Pfizer or Moderna, This is the 3rd needle. Symptoms after infection with omikron will probably be lighter.

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