Dr. Rungruang reveals how Covid-19 can be an endemic disease

Dr. Rungruang Kitphati, a consultant at the Ministry of Public Health (Ror. 11) and chairman of the MIU (Ministry of Public Health – Intelligence Unit) committee, Ministry of Public Health revealed that “How will COVID-19 be a “endemic disease”? Determining whether COVID-19 is endemic in any country or not, however, must be considered from…

1) The infection reduces the severity. (Current violence COVID-19 mortality rate has dropped to ~1 death out of 1,000 cases)

2) People have relatively good immunity, such as vaccination, previous infection

3) That country has a good management, care, and control/delaying system of the outbreak. (Good example in Thailand and many other countries)

• It can be concluded that “endemic disease” is a disease that occurs only in that area. It is spread and the infection rate can be predicted, such as dengue fever, influenza, AIDS.

• that COVID-19 will change to Can it be “endemic disease” or not? It is not only caused by the virus or the health system ….but must be cooperated from all sectors and people to join in moving forward in dealing with COVID-19 towards endemic diseases such as maximum self-defense important measures and receive vaccinations to increase immunity both at the individual and national levels

More knowledge…
• There are 4 levels of communicable disease outbreaks:

1) Endemic (endemic disease) is a disease that occurs regularly in that area. In other words, there is a stable and predictable morbidity rate. The boundary of an area may be a city, country, or larger, such as a group of countries or continents, such as influenza, dengue fever in Thailand. Malaria in Africa

2) Outbreak (outbreak) is an event where there is an abnormal increase in the number of patients. both in the case of endemic diseases But there are more cases than expected. or in the case of emerging diseases Although there is only one patient

3) Epidemic (epidemic) is an epidemic that spreads geographically wider. The epidemic that spreads to a wider area is a sudden increase in epidemic. And the number of infections has exceeded expectations, such as the Ebola epidemic that swept West Africa in 2014-16.

4 Pandemic (pandemic/global) or the highest level of epidemic, eg influenza outbreaks dating back to 1918 (Spanish flu) or 2009 and recent influenza outbreaks. COVID-19 in at least 122 countries around the world

– However, after the epidemic has reached the peak of the outbreak These epidemics will become endemic. or seasonal epidemics of the country according to the specified conditions

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