Driver’s Son Dies at 8: A Heartbreaking Journey of Love and Loss

2023-10-03 15:53:16

Driver’s son dies at 8 years old and heartbroken she says goodbye: ‘He didn’t stop fighting for a single second’

The host highlighted the great teaching that her son left her, whom she affectionately called ‘Pollis’ and who suffered from a rare illness.

By: Valeria Contreras N.

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Verónica Alejandra, program host, faces a hard blow and announced on social networks that her son Juan José died at the age of 8 after being diagnosed shortly after birth with MOP type 1 (Microcephalic Osteodysplastic Primordial Dwarfism). ) and with Roifman Syndrome.

The presenter used her official Instagram account to reveal how affected they are because ‘Pollis’, as they affectionately called the little boy, lost his life last Thursday, September 28.

“To all the followers and friends of Pollis, we want to share with you with sadness that our little angel was called by God on Thursday, September 28; “We feel a void that only time will help us understand and accept,” he indicated.

Along with photographs of her son, who due to his illnesses looked like a baby, Verónica Alejandra highlighted that her firstborn came into the world to fulfill a mission and is now resting in heaven.

He explained that despite his young age, his son did not stop fighting for even a second to stay alive, a fact that he applauds.

“Pollis accomplished his mission, now it is his turn to rest and enjoy eternal happiness, he is running in the nursery in heaven, playing with all his little friends… He came to this world to leave a very clear message, so that his legacy would be heard because All human beings understand in some way how lucky we are to be able to breathe, live and enjoy life. Pollis, since he came into this world, has not stopped fighting for a single second to be able to live, to be able to breathe,” he said.

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Verónica Alejandra affirmed that her son now takes care of her from heaven and thanked all the prayers, but above all the expressions of affection they received since Pollis was born until now that he left.

“From up there he will take care of all those who here on earth prayed and were attentive to him…Thanks to all of you for your prayers, prayers and attention, thanks to each person who was always attentive to Pollis and us, thanks to all those who They offered masses and prayed for him. Thanks to all those people who, without knowing him, did not leave us alone for a second,” he said.

Instagram True Ale

The son of the driver Vero Ale suffered from microcephalic osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism

Verónica Alejandra and the hard battle she experienced with her son

Nine years ago, Verónica Alejandra was experiencing the most anticipated stage of her life, motherhood, a fact that led her to move away from the small screen to dedicate herself completely to her pregnancy.

At first, the driver believed that her pregnancy was normal, but it was not until she visited Houston that suspicions began.

“I went to Houston, we went to the gynecologist, I told him that I was seven months pregnant, and when we got there he said ‘no, I don’t think you’re seven months old, you must be about six months old, your baby looks very small,'” she said. to Silvia Olmedo ten months ago.

She returned to Mexico and, during childbirth, Verónica Alejandra discovered that the suspicions were true and there was something strange with her baby.

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“They take the baby out and the moment they take it out, I just hear it as if he’s short of breath, but you expect him to cry and I didn’t hear it, the doctor brings him to me and I see him looking purple, and he takes him away in a second … I said ‘something happened here and they don’t want to tell me’, but I imagined something like ‘it was premature’, then the doctors arrive and start telling me everything in medical terms and they tell me ‘we have to see if he’s going to make it through the night.’ ‘”, he indicated.

Instagram True Ale

Juan José, son of the driver Vero Ale, died at the age of 8

After all odds, Juan José managed to survive, but his path was just beginning and after suffering an obstruction in his tracheostomy, they moved to the United States, where they discovered that he suffered from microcephaly.

“I was going to reconstruct the trachea. They perform the first intervention and the doctor tells us ‘it is the smallest trachea I have ever seen, the airway is the most insecure, I don’t know what to do and we are going to start investigating and creating a plan’… The doctor tells me ‘The brain is not developed, he has microcephaly, the brain is very small, the part of the broccoli that sends signals to the body will never develop, so your child will be a vegetable and not We believe he will live more than a few months,’” he said.

Verónica Alejandra’s son lived despite the prognosis

The host revealed that the studies began to provide answers about her son’s state of health.

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He revealed that they underwent genetic tests and that thanks to that they discovered that ‘Pollis’ had microcephalic osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism and Roifman Syndrome.

“They tell us ‘your son has a disease called MOP type 1, which in the world there are I think 60 cases recorded, of which no child has lived more than 10 or 11 months of life, the one who had lived the longest I was even 6 years old,’” he said.

Verónica Alejandra indicated that they learned to live with Juan José’s condition and took one day at a time, being grateful for having their baby by their side.

“We have to live one day at a time, how his body is doing, what is happening… We have lived through very difficult times. He just turned 7 years old, and I always say ‘I swear that I won’t keep him, once talking to him I told him ‘I swear to you Juan that when you want to leave, you can leave, I’m only here to make your life better.’ easy’”, he stated.

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