Drunkenness that causes the skin to rot after being hit; A report from the US that sales are brisk

America is always the leading country in drug use. Many American streets are havens for drugs that are unheard of in our country. There are many people here who continue to have health problems after drug overdose and succumb to death.

A new drug is reportedly taking over the streets of America. It is called ‘Xylazine’ or ‘Tranc’. It is actually used to hypnotize animals.

But humans have also started using it. Not only has it started to be used, but this drug has a huge market in many places. It is characterized by always sleeping and not breathing much.

If you use this drug constantly, small sores will start appearing on the skin. Later these sores start to fester and rot. The wound will spread to other places. Reports indicate that such cases are also coming here. But currently, hospitals do not have specific tests to detect ‘tranq’ in the body, which hinders its use.

Reports say that it is a drug that literally turns people into ‘zombies’. This refers to the condition where sores appear on the skin and rot. The need for the authorities to take strict action against this addiction is rising in the US.

It is also noteworthy that its users are mainly young people. It is sold mainly in the villages. The fact that it is available in a bag at a very small price is also contributing to a sharp rise in sales, according to reports.

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Last Updated Feb 22, 2023, 10:17 PM IST

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