Dyson vacuums in free fall on the official site πŸ”₯

The official Dyson store is the preferred place for fans of the brand to buy their new vacuum cleaners, purifiers and other premium household appliance products. The English brand started its Black Friday this Friday – but stocks are leaving very quickly. There are still some products in reduction, subject to stock.

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In a few years, Dyson vacuum cleaners have made a unique place in the market. And for good reason, these wireless devices are recognized for their suction quality as well as their power. The design is also very neat, it is a differentiating element in a sector where the products used to look alike before the arrival of the brand. By choosing one of the brand’s vacuum cleaners, you are guaranteed to keep your home clean while benefiting from a product that will last over time.

Dyson vacuum cleaners, a world benchmark

Dyson has a habit of presenting a new vacuum cleaner every year at a dedicated event, as smartphone makers do. Each time, the brand formalizes a new version of its previous range of devices. The models are called Dyson V6, V7, V8, V10 or V11, the latter being the most recent variation of the British company. They offer several key advantages including suction quality, autonomy, power and noise reduction.

Overall, all Dyson vacuums are renowned for their performance. Some newer models are considered a bit more powerful than their predecessors β€” and that’s to be expected. However, they will all offer you skills that meet your expectations. On sale on the official store, it’s a nice surprise to save money. If they are still more expensive than an ordinary vacuum cleaner, you are sure to buy a model that will last over time while cleaning your home more effectively. The current offers are a good opportunity to save money on this investment.

With each generation of vacuum cleaners, Dyson unveils a new model as well as a few variations more specific to users’ uses. With the V8, we find for example the V8 Absolute, V8 Motorhead, V8 Parquet and others. Each version offers small differences with the others, for example the number of brushes supplied with the device or its specialty (floor material). In any case, you should find what you are looking for with the offers presented by the brand.

Like Apple, Dyson clearly doesn’t like promotions. We find it once (maximum two) times a year, if we are lucky. This is why this Black Friday operation directly on the Dyson site with discounts on the latest generation vacuum cleaners is a surprise. Obviously, the stock has been stormed since Friday. You must therefore jump on the remaining models so as not to miss your turn.

The Dyson site unavailable due to demand

As we said, it’s an opportunity to see Dyson vacuums for sale on the official website. It is rare that the products of the British brand are entitled to deals and are of this caliber. This is the perfect opportunity to benefit from a nice discount on this premium device. You can be sure of keeping your home as clean as possible over time, without forgetting the quality of suction and power.

Due to strong demand on Friday, the Dyson site was down for much of the day. The queue to access promotions on premium vacuum cleaners on the official store has been very long. Sometimes more than 35,000 people were in line to access the e-commerce site. Yesterday, we saw lengths again all day. This Sunday is therefore the ideal opportunity for shopping.

As you can imagine, the Dyson store has seen its stock run out at full speed. Some models are no longer available. The premium brand has, however, planned large stocks for its highly-promoted vacuum cleaners, and there are still easy savings to be made. The easiest way is to go directly to the site to see what is still available.

The brand has decided to cut the price of all its vacuum cleaner models, from the old V7 to the last V11. In the end, you can get a Dyson vacuum cleaner for around 200 €. The V11 model also becomes more affordable if you are looking for the latest, most efficient vacuum cleaner model. For information, Black Friday on Dyson already ends on November 30. It will therefore not be postponed as is the case with the operation in France.

Finally, note that the official Dyson website gives you flexibility on your purchase of vacuum cleaner (or other product). In fact, you have 30 days to make your purchase after delivery. If the product does not please you, the brand undertakes to take it back and reimburse you for it. If you want to pay it in installments, Dyson offers a payment facility up to 4 times free of charge.

To see the deals on Dyson, it’s here:

View offers on Dyson

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