“Dysterra” in the Steam New Product Festival public demo version exposed the latest trailer “Dysterra” – Bahamut

The multiplayer survival FPS game “Operation by Kakao Games (CEO, Cho Kye-Hyun) and developed by Reality Magi Q (CEO, Kim Sung-Kyun)Dysterra” announced today that it will participate in the week-long Steam New Product Festival, which will be held from June 14th to 21st.

The official pointed out that during the player’s event, search for and download the “Steam” platform on the Steam platform.Dysterra“The trial version is ready to play, this free trial version includes all the content of the previous global beta test conducted in mid-May, and the official server has also been optimized to provide players with a more enjoyable gaming experience.

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In order to commemorate the participation in the Steam New Product Festival, the official also announced the latest trailer. The one-minute and thirty-second film presents “Dysterra, elements of the world view, resource collection and fast-paced shooting. Players can feel the depth of the battle through the appearance of various vehicles such as biped robots.

The official also announced a special Twitch treasure drop event. During the Steam New Product Festival, players watched “Dysterra“After the live broadcast, if you download and play the demo version on Steam, you can get the limited weapon appearance.

The official pointed out that Reality MagiQ is currently developing the “Dysterra” is a multiplayer survival FPS game set in a dystopian world with an abandoned earth as the background. Players can experience realistic gun battles in the game. The player’s goal is to collect various in-game resources such as “Terrasite”, craft various weapons and build hideouts in an effort to survive to the end. In this process, in order to snatch the main stronghold in the game, players need to engage in fierce FPS battles with other players and enemy NPCs.

A Kakao Games official said: “Now all players can play the game for free.Dysterra》This FPS game that continuously strives to improve the integrity of the game, I hope that many players can experience the fun of the next-generation survival FPS game during this Steam New Product Festival. “

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