E42 Road Closure: Track Repairs at Verviers-South Interchange

2023-06-02 10:39:48

This weekend from June 2 to June 4, localized resurfacing work will take place on the E42 at interchange no. 6 “Verviers-south” towards Battice, Sofico tells us in a press release. “Operations will require the closure of this portion of the highway for just over a kilometer. »

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Track repairs

In concrete terms, this work will make it possible to carry out localized repairs to the E42/A27 tracks at interchange no. 6 “Verviers-south” in the direction of Battice, ie over a little over 1 km.

From Friday June 2 (around midnight) to Sunday June 4 (around midnight), the E42/A27 will be closed, for safety reasons (given the width of the lanes), at interchange n°6 “Verviers -Sud” only in the direction of Battice.

Users will be diverted via the R61/rue des Etangs and the N61/rue d’Ensival.

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