Easy and Efficient Saudi Environment Services: New Residence Permit Service for Uneaten Beverages

2024-04-24 13:28:01

Saudi Environment is keen to provide the services it provides to every Saudi citizen in a simple and convenient manner, and earnestly strives to maintain environmental safety and protection of the environment from all pollutants. Thus, Saudi Arabia Environment announces the launch of a new service concerning the issuance of residence permits for uneaten drinks.

The Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has also launched a service for issuing residence permits for uneaten beverages in all regions of the Kingdom. This complies with the conditions and controls that regulate it; Enabling business owners, government agencies and charities to operate with ease.

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This service pursues numerous objectives, including completing the automation of work to regulate water sources and uses, contributing to increasing operational efficiency, providing water for development purposes, alleviating pressure on drinking water and help reduce the rise in groundwater in certain cities. .

Additionally, it allows beneficiaries from the corporate sector, government agencies and charitable organizations to apply for the license electronically. Facilitate procedures and save effort, by automating work to regulate water sources and uses; In order to achieve the digital transformation strategy and the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

It should be noted that this service is currently available via the electronic portal “Nama”: by selecting electronic services on the home page, then selecting licenses for water sources and their uses; To review the service.

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