ED Arrests AC Moideen’s Closest Friend Pr Aravindakshan: The Untold Story of their Connection

2023-09-26 22:53:48

Thrissur ∙ PR Aravindakshan (57), who has been arrested by the ED, has been close to AC Moithin for years despite having no party titles and seniority. Even though Aravindakshan’s party’s field of activity is Vadakanchery, Moiteen worked there in 2016 and 2021 when he contested from the Kunnamkulam assembly constituency. Arvindakshan, who was only a member of the local committee, overcame many strongmen of the party to reach Moiteen and the leadership. Arvindakshan also brought the first accused P. Satishkumar closer to Moiteen.

He started his public work as a taxi driver in Vadakanchery. In the 2000 Panchayat elections, he won by 17 votes as a Left Independent in Mundathikode Ward. After all, victory was in the party symbol. Then he became secretary of CPM Athani local committee. CPM Vadakancherry Area Secretary A.C. Moithin defeated Minister K. Muralidharan in the 2004 by-election. Campaigning in this election paved the way for closeness between Aravindakshan and Moitin.

In 2005, Arvindakshan became the Vice President of Parlikad Panchayat, bypassing seniority in the party. In 2010 too, UDF was in power. Unexpectedly, Aravindakshan became the local secretary of CPM in Mundathikode. In 2015 and 2020, he won the Vadakanchery Municipal Assembly.

485 crores is due to Karuvannur Bank

Iringalakuda ∙ Karuvannur Co-operative Bank has to receive Rs 485 crore including loan principal and interest. After the fraud of around 300 crore rupees came to light and the operation of the bank was disrupted, a large number of borrowers stopped repaying. Some are of the position that the loan amount is many times more than the value of the collateral, so it should be confiscated. These borrowers stopped repayment after ED took custody of the records of 165 loans. Officials said that after the new administrator assumed office in June, gold loans of Rs 3.5 crore were disbursed.

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The victim was also a member of the family where EMS and MN hid

Iringalakuda ∙ EMS Namboothiripad and M.N. Govindan Nair, a member of the family who is hiding in Iringalakuda, is the victim of the Karuvannur bank fraud case. Vadakkethala Joshi, a native of Mapranam, who went on a fast at his home in Thiruvonanaal to protest against the inability to withdraw the deposited money, is the grandson of an early communist activist named Vazhapilli Ousep, who sheltered EMS and M.N.

Joshi, who invested Rs 90 lakh, including that of his family members, has not even got half of it back. He was bedridden for 8 years due to the accident and has been an M panel contractor since 2010. In the meantime, he came back to life from the grip of the tumor 2 times.

Ousep was a compositor at Bharat Printing Press, which worked in Thana. In 1948, EMS and MN Govindan Nair hid for a month and a half in the attic of Eusep’s house in Iringalakuda thana area. Joshi is the son of Oussep’s eldest daughter Thresyamma.

English Summary : Enforcement directorate arrested AC Moideen’s closest friend Pr Aravindakshan

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