Education, human society, civil affairs, health care, and medical insurance systems study and implement the spirit of the provincial party congress to continuously satisfy the people’s yearning for a better life

In the past few days, the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, the Provincial Health and Health Commission, and the Provincial Medical Security Bureau held separate meetings to conscientiously convey and study the spirit of the 15th Provincial Party Congress, and study and deploy the next steps to implement measures. Everyone said that they should study, publicize and implement the spirit of the provincial party congress as an important political task at present and in the future. The people have a more tangible sense of gain in moving towards common prosperity.

The Provincial Department of Education held a party group (expanded) meeting to convey and study the spirit of the 15th Provincial Party Congress and study and implement measures. The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to answer the new requirements for education put forward by the “Two Advances”, deeply understand that education is the internal driving force for common prosperity and modernization first, focus on creating the golden name card of “Excellent Learning in Zhejiang”, and make every effort to provide education that the people are satisfied with. Education is the only way to realize the modernization of human beings. The education system of the whole province will resolutely carry out the original mission of educating people for the party and the country, fully implement the fundamental task of building morality and cultivating people, and promote the popularization and universal benefit of preschool education, and the high-quality and balanced compulsory education. High school education is diversified and characterized, the modern vocational education system is more perfect, higher education is popularized at a high level, lifelong education is open and shared, and digital education is the first demonstration. A good environment in which everyone can become a talent and give full play to their talents” empowers the promotion of “two firsts” for high-quality development.

The Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security held a general meeting of cadres to make arrangements to study and implement the spirit of the 15th Provincial Party Congress. The meeting requested that the province’s human and social system adhere to the work orientation of “employment is the source of income and the foundation of mutual wealth; social security is the foundation of well-being and the foundation of people’s livelihood; skills are the foundation of prosperity and the need for development”, in order to deepen the digitalization of human society Reform is the driving force, speed up the improvement of the high-quality employment and entrepreneurship system and explore the construction of a large social security system for mutual wealth, strive to launch the brand of “employment and entrepreneurship in Zhejiang”, promote the high-quality and sustainable development of social security, strengthen the supply and support capabilities of skilled talents, and comprehensively improve people The modernization level of the social governance system and governance capacity, continue to create the landmark achievements of promoting common prosperity and modernization first in the field of human society, and continuously enhance the sense of gain, happiness, security, and identity of the common people, so as to compose common prosperity first and provincial modernization. Advance the magnificent chapter to contribute to the strength of human society.

The Provincial Department of Civil Affairs held a meeting to convey and study the spirit of the 15th Provincial Party Congress, and put forward opinions on the implementation of the spirit of the Provincial Party Congress by the civil affairs system. The meeting pointed out that the report of the Provincial Party Congress put forward the “two first” goals, and that civil affairs, as an important field of social construction, has an arduous responsibility and an arduous task. The province’s civil affairs system must closely focus on the “two first” central overall situation, and accelerate the reconstruction of the civil affairs system and system; it must never forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission, and always adhere to the concept of “civil government for the people, civil government for the people”, and use it with heart. Efforts should be made to serve the people well; it is necessary to accelerate the construction of urban and rural modern communities, iteratively upgrade the “Zhejiang Youzhongfu” gold business card, speed up the creation of “Zheli Health Care” and “Good Zhejiang” gold business card, and continuously optimize the full-cycle social services. The meeting required the province’s civil affairs system to conscientiously convey, study, publicize and implement the spirit of the provincial party congress, mobilize the majority of party members and cadres to effectively unify their thoughts and actions to the deployment of the provincial party congress, and set off a round of in-depth study, comprehensive implementation, and everyone’s work. Entrepreneurial boom.

The Party Committee of the Provincial Health and Health Commission held the spirit of the 15th Provincial Party Congress to convey the learning meeting. The meeting pointed out that under the guidance of the “two first” goals put forward by the provincial party committee, the province’s health and health system should focus on the general requirements of the general goal of health and health modernization, strengthen the goal orientation and element guarantee of high-quality development, and identify health and health. The main theme and strategic path of the construction of common prosperity in the field, centering on “innovation and winning”, and placing the medical peak construction in a more prominent position; centering on “reform and reshaping”, the construction of a national full-service health service system as the main direction; centering on “prevention and control” Risks”, take keeping the bottom line of public health safety as the top priority; centering on “co-construction and sharing”, make stronger and better county medical care as a clearer direction; centering on “practicality but first”, take striving to be a benchmark as a mission and responsibility, Efforts will be made to build a full-scale health service system for the whole people, continuously narrow the health gap between urban and rural areas, regions, and populations, and provide strong health support for the “two first”.

The Party Group of the Provincial Medical Security Bureau held an enlarged meeting to study and implement the spirit of the 15th Provincial Party Congress on a special topic, and to study and deploy the next steps for implementation. The meeting called for focusing on the construction of common prosperity demonstration zones, highlighting the people’s supremacy orientation, and in accordance with the “two first” goals and the task deployment of “exploring and building a large social security system for common prosperity”, to strengthen the supply of “shared prosperous” medical insurance policies, and focus on “one prosperity”. “The old and the young”, improve the medical security benefits of the elderly, reduce the burden of child-rearing families, deepen the pilot of the long-term care insurance system, develop a people-benefiting commercial supplementary medical insurance system, and strive to create landmark achievements in the field of medical insurance; focus on the reconstruction of the system and highlight changes Reshape the orientation and build a multi-level medical security system with Zhejiang characteristics; focus on reforms in key areas, highlight the orientation of co-construction and sharing, and allow the people to share the results of the reform of medical insurance payment methods, the centralized procurement of medicines and equipment, and the dynamic adjustment of medical service prices; focus on The improvement of public services, highlighting the factual but first-oriented orientation, promoting the indiscriminate handling of medical insurance handling services, improving the Internet service hall for medical insurance handling, promoting the integration of medical insurance in the Yangtze River Delta region, and effectively enhancing the people’s sense of gain.

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