Edward Lewis: Overcoming Illness and Finding Hope – A Journey of Resilience and Recovery

2023-08-05 13:30:00

04:30 PM, Saturday, August 05, 2023

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In a tragic incident, a British man named “Edward Lewis” from Hertfordshire, England, suffered from a serious illness when he noticed his inability to speak and read bedtime stories to his children.

At first, the 36-year-old father thought he was suffering from anxiety disorders, anxiety attacks, and symptoms of depression, so he decided to go to a psychiatrist.

According to the British newspaper “Express”, Edward was diagnosed with anxiety and depression disorders, but it was not a psychological condition that was the cause.

Edward said, “I noticed that my health was getting worse. I started to feel strange symptoms, as I could not speak for 5-15 seconds.”

“While attending business meetings, or reading a bedtime story to my kids, all of a sudden I couldn’t speak a word.”

He added, “The medicine did not stop these seizures, but they were increasing over time.”

The seriousness of Edward’s condition became apparent when he suffered a tonic-clonic seizure. He was taken to hospital immediately, and a CT scan revealed a large 6cm mass located in the middle of his brain.

He was diagnosed with oligodendrocyte glioma, a type of brain tumor whose metastasis begins in cells called oligodendrocytes.

These cells make a substance that protects nerve cells and helps the flow of electrical signals in the brain and spinal cord.

So the doctors decided to operate on Edwar to remove as much of the tumor as possible, but due to its precarious location near vital blood vessels, complete removal was not possible.

Doctors warned him about the potential risks of the operation, including a possible stroke.

Fortunately, the operation was a success, as doctors were able to remove nearly 70% of the tumor, and Edward is now undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy as part of his treatment plan.

As well as, regular MRI scans every 3 months, which have shown stable results so far.

The results of the success of Edward’s operation are still not stable, which prompted him to adopt a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly.

Despite the challenges he has faced, Edward is back at work and enjoying wonderful moments with his wife and two daughters, Larna and Darcy.

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