Effective Deposit System with Obligation to Take Back in Store: Alliance Urges for Classic Approach

2023-09-25 14:17:00

They plead, in a letter sent Monday to the three regional Ministers of the Environment, for a classic system with return to store.

Both Wallonia, Flanders and the Brussels-Capital Region are considering introducing a deposit for plastic cans and bottles, in order to reduce litter. The 2025 horizon is mentioned in the three Regions, according to the Alliance for the deposit, at the initiative of the letter addressed to the competent ministers.

If the Alliance and the 55 signatory towns and municipalities welcome the introduction of instructions, they are opposed to it being done digitally. This modality is being tested in Flanders, via an application. According to the signatories, Fost Plus wishes to introduce this system.

“The digital system is not accessible to everyone,” points out the Alliance for Deposits. “Not all of our fellow citizens have smartphones, banking applications and the internet,” we can read in the letter addressed to ministers Céline Tellier (Wallonia), Alain Maron (Brussels) and Zuhal Demir (Flanders).

In addition, the 55 cities and towns are concerned about the burden that would fall on them in the event of digital instructions. Local authorities will thus have to install “thousands of additional public trash cans for which (it will be necessary) to organize collection” as well as manage and distribute “home scanners for citizens who are not comfortable with smartphones and mobile applications “, they denounce in their letter.

“We fear that this digital deposit system will not have the desired effect on public cleanliness, that it will be subject to fraud and that it will infringe on the privacy of our fellow citizens,” the letter also warns.

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For the signatories, it is up to bottle and can manufacturers, as well as supermarkets, to be responsible for collecting the packaging they generate.

The 55 cities and towns are therefore calling for the introduction of an “effective deposit, which has proven itself for years in many countries, including our neighbors: the deposit with obligation to take back in store”.

The Deposit Alliance was founded in 2017 and brings together organizations, businesses, cities and towns to demand the introduction of a deposit on plastic cans and bottles.

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