Effective Diabetes Treatment: Integrated Therapy & Obesity Management

2023-11-18 02:00:45

[Health Medical Network/Compiled by the Editorial Department]The general public generally has a common understanding: “If you have diabetes, you have to take medicine or take insulin for the rest of your life!” Diabetic patients seem to “accept their fate” when faced with the current diabetes medical treatment. As long as the appointment registration time comes, you will go to the hospital to see a doctor and get medicine. You are destined to live like this in life. According to the latest views of research papers in well-known medical journals, David. Dr. Roddwig published an article in the American Medical Journal in 2002 and pointed out that excessive blood insulin is hyperinsulinemia, which is the biggest culprit of diabetes.

Integrated diabetes therapy ends obesity and saves diabetes

Dean Xiao Shenxing, who has studied insulin for a long time, proposed the theory decades ago that “excessive insulin in the blood” leads to obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cerebrovascular disease, and even some cancers in young people. He also proposed that ” “Reducing blood insulin” may be the “fundamental” way to effectively treat diabetes and end obesity.

Dean Xiao Shenxing believes that the first priority in treating type 2 diabetes is “correcting insulin imbalance”. Excessive blood insulin is the real cause of type 2 diabetes. Through “diabetes integrated therapy” that combines traditional medical treatment with innovative technology , successfully lowering blood insulin, blood sugar or glycated hemoglobin will naturally return to normal, and piece together a complete blueprint for health step by step.

“Zhidang” wins the battle thousands of miles away within the curtain

After years of empirical research and development, Dean Xiao Shenxing uses “sugar-blocking biotechnology” as an auxiliary dietary therapy. This method can block 60 to 70% (about 2/3) of food sugar, and the body only absorbs the remaining 1/3. Sugar. Dean Xiao Shenxing said that when we eat a bowl of rice, we only absorb 1/3 of the bowl; when we eat a piece of bread, we only absorb 1/3, which invisibly greatly reduces the total amount of sugar entering the body. If it decreases, the insulin in the blood will naturally drop. “

When 2/3 of the sugar is blocked outside the body, diabetes treatment can stop the spike in blood sugar after meals, restore insulin sensitivity, significantly improve fasting blood sugar and glycated hemoglobin, return pancreatic function to normal, and reduce the amount of insulin injection. It can be seen that the widespread application of this sugar-blocking technology will have a profound impact on diabetes treatment and weight management.

Innovative Diabetes Concept to Maintain Blood Insulin Levels

After many women enter the workplace, due to too much work pressure, they often enjoy food to relieve stress. In addition, after entering the workplace, the time for exercise is reduced, and as I get older, the impact of the “Takashima Su Storm” on my body is getting bigger and bigger. Many people gradually bid farewell to the slim figure of boys and girls and turned to obesity.

After obesity, the “hyperinsulin storm” becomes even greater, and a vicious cycle begins. The more you know how to eat, love to eat, and the less you want to move, the more fat you will become. By lowering blood insulin through metabolic correction, we can successfully get rid of excess body fat and maintain insulin around the standard. Not only will our figure become slimmer, but more importantly, all test values ​​will be “blue”. It shows that it is currently very healthy. Therefore, after losing weight, I did not gain weight again, and I truly achieved “the end of obesity.”

Book cover of “Rescuing Diabetes”

This article is excerpted from “Rescuing Diabetes: The Healing Record of Integrated Diabetes Therapy”, published by Bosi Think Tank

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