Efluelda: get to know the quadrivalent flu vaccine for the elderly

The pharmaceutical company Sanofi has just launched the first quadrivalent high-dose flu vaccine in Brazil. The vaccine Efluelda is aimed at people over 60 years of age and offers greater protection against influenza A and B strains.

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Influenza is a disease that can cause serious and unpredictable consequences. Studies have already shown that adults over 40 are eight times more likely to suffer a stroke in the first three days after contracting the disease and 10 times more likely to suffer a heart attack. Adults with diabetes are 75% more likely to have an abnormal glycemic event after experiencing the flu.

According to infectologist Rosana Richtmann, from Instituto de Infectologia Emilio Ribas, the consequences of influenza can be even worse among the elderly, because as we age, our immune system goes through a natural process of weakening, called immunosenescence.

“Influenza infection can generate a chain reaction of inflammatory processes that have the potential to cause severe cardiovascular and metabolic clinical conditions, especially in the elderly population, where there is a process of natural weakening of the immune system”, explains Rosana.

In Brazil, population aging is accelerating. According to the United Nations (UN), in 2050, the number of elderly people in the country will be twice the number of children. Currently, respiratory infections are the fourth leading cause of death in this age group and flu fatality is the highest among all age groups.

As of April, Efluenda will be available for sale at private vaccination clinics.

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