Egypt announces its health conditions for entering its territory

The Egyptian Ministry of Health stressed the need to implement a number of health requirements to enter the country through airports, seaports and land crossings, according to RT.

The ministry published a statement on its Twitter account, specifying the following conditions:

1- Those coming to the country, whether Egyptians or non-Egyptians, have access to any of the anti-Coronavirus vaccines approved by the World Health Organization or the Egyptian Medicines Authority.

2- It is required that 14 days have passed since vaccination with the second dose, for two-dose vaccines, or at least 14 days have passed since vaccination with the vaccines scheduled for a single dose.

3- In the absence of a certificate stating receiving the vaccine, it is required that the person coming to the country has a negative corona test, with any of the tests approved by the Ministry of Health and Population (PCR – Antigen Rapid Test – ID NOW) within 72 hours before arriving at the Egyptian ports of entry. .

4- For those arriving through tourist airports (Sharm El-Sheikh, Taba, Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Luxor and Aswan) if the vaccination certificate or PCR does not comply with the requirements, one of the three procedures (PCR – Antigen Rapid Test – ID NOW) is done upon arrival and at In a negative case, entry is allowed, but in a positive case, self-isolation is allowed for 5 days in a hotel, then an examination is carried out and the isolation is renewed if the result is positive.

5- Children under 12 years old are excluded from PCR.

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