Egyptians mock Kuwaiti actress Shojun Al-Hajri after imitating Soad Hosni

15 minutes ago

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Cairo – Al-Quds Al-Arabi: A video published by Kuwaiti actress Shojoun Al-Hadry sparked a wave of ridicule among the pioneers of social networking sites in Egypt.
Where she appeared in pieces from her new series “Angel Rahma” wearing the same clothes that the artist Soad Hosni wore in the movie “Shafiqa and Metwally”, co-starring Ahmed Zaki and Jamil Ratib, directed by Ali Badrakhan.
I imitated Soad Hosni in her famous dance during the performance of the song “Banwa Banwa”, which she sang in the film, written by Salah Jahin, composed by Kamal Al-Taweel.
Shogun was attacked a lot because of this clip, as many rejected her attempts to imitate Cinderella, stressing that she does not possess the beauty and femininity that Soad Hosni enjoyed, stressing that Cinderella has no room to imitate her because she is a phenomenon that will not be repeated in Egyptian and Arab art.
Shajoun is not the first actress to be attacked because of her attempts to imitate Souad Hosni, but rather a number of artists who tried to imitate or imitate Soad Hosni, including the artist Mona Zaki, despite her large audience and the love of the Egyptian public for her, but this audience did not accept her performance of the character of Soad Hosni. In the series “Cinderella” that she presented several years ago.

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