Eid Azar: The health system “collapsed and ended”

The head of the Executive Committee for the Corona vaccine, Dr. Eid Azar, considered, “The real number of infected people per day is almost five times the announced number, i.e. about 35 to 40 thousand infections per day, and we also add to the announced number the people who conducted rapid tests, and we do not have reports or data about them. “.

And he stressed that, “He supports the legislation of rapid testing because we are in an epidemiological situation, considering that this examination has not been legalized in Lebanon because of the laboratories that insist on examining the PCR because they benefit from it.”

Dr. Azar said that: “The percentage of vaccinated people in Lebanon in general has become between 40% and 42%, as for the age groups, he explained that the percentage of vaccinated people from the age group above 40 years is good and is close to 60%, but this percentage is low in the younger age groups. “.

Regarding the percentage of students who received the vaccine in Lebanon, Azar complained about his inability to obtain from the Ministry of Education an official number for all students in Lebanon, but he said: “If we take the age group between 12 and 18 years, the vaccination rate has not yet exceeded the 50%”.

Azar said, “The reasons are multiple, and both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health place the responsibility on the other.”

He added, “The percentage of those vaccinated at the age of 18 is twice that of those vaccinated at the age of 12, and the lower the age groups, the lower the percentage of vaccinated because of parents’ fear of vaccinating younger children.” As Azar ruled out the possibility of vaccination becoming compulsory in Lebanon, he considered that the best method at the present time is enticement.

Regarding the opening of the field of vaccination, starting from the age of five, he said: “A few days after opening the registration door, there are approximately 24,000 who have registered so far.”

Azar stressed that, “There are no risks in this matter, otherwise a PCR test would have been required before receiving the vaccine, and he reassured that there is no harm in the event that a person takes the vaccine less than ninety days after being infected with the virus.”

And about the reality of the health sector in general in Lebanon, Azar said: The health system has “collapsed and ended,” and the question is what is the next health system, and this is what we do not know because the whole country is “obstructed,” and now time is being cut off and we are one of the strongest peoples in the world in negotiations at the gates of Hell. We put the health sector within equations that it should be outside.

And the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Corona Vaccine, Dr. Eid Azar concluded by saying: “If it was not possible to find political solutions, it would have been necessary at least to neutralize this sector. Unfortunately, he added that I do not see any serious solution for the health sector at the present time, no vision, and we do not know where we are going in the six months coming.”

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