Eintracht Frankfurt: Trapp: “We also want to enrich the Champions League” – Bundesliga

In Eintracht, he is number 1. In the national team, Kevin Trapp (31) cannot avoid Bayern star Manuel Neuer (35). He’s also on the bench in the classic game against England. In an interview with the “Welt am Sonntag” Trapp talks about…

… his tears right after the Euro League win: “I’m sometimes very thoughtful and don’t show my emotions that much. My fiancee was in the stands at the final, I looked for her immediately after the game. It was very important to me that she was there.”

… his maturing process this season: “I am a person who cares that everyone is doing well, I like to take care of others a lot. Even before I take care of myself – but I’ve forgotten myself. The most important thing is to focus on the things that you can influence yourself – my performance. Everything else is out of my hands.”

… the increased expectations surrounding Eintracht: “We have to put the title win in the right perspective and analyze the season. There’s still room for improvement. The club may have reached a point in its development faster than expected.”

…the chances in the Champions League: “We will have a competitive team and we want to show that we can play at this level. With our fans behind us and our attractive football, we also want to enrich the Champions League.”

… his possible end to his career at Eintracht: “I feel very comfortable in Frankfurt and at Eintracht. Anyone who leaves the club will miss him quickly. My contract is still valid for two years. As good as I feel right now, I can’t imagine retiring in two years. Especially not if the club continues to develop and we continue to be so successful.”

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