Ekaterina Klimova with a scythe and a diadem on her head. Video

Actress Ekaterina Klimova showed a video from the dressing room before going on stage.

Ekaterina Klimova. Photo: instagram.com/klimovagram/

At the theater and cinema star Catherine Klimova Weekends are a big problem. The actress is in demand and loved by fans, so on February 23 she spent on tour in Yaroslavl.

In the microblog Ekaterina Klimova shared videowhich she did before going on stage.

In frame she was captured in the dressing room, admiring herself in the mirror and sighing languidly. At the same time, the star flirts with her audience and behaves like a princess.

Ekaterina Klimova has bright makeup on her face. And the actress braided her luxurious brown hair in a braid, putting on a diadem over all this beauty.

Recall that earlier, during a conversation with her audience, Ekaterina Klimova said that her luxurious hair is a gift from nature. They are not only thick, but also curl themselves.

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