Elden Ring: some players kill one of the most popular NPCs in the game, they take the wrath of the community

Game News Elden Ring: some players kill one of the most popular NPCs in the game, they take the wrath of the community

While you have to twirl your sword or staff the majority of the time in Elden Ring, some areas are made up of peaceful areas where a character will cut the fat off with the player. This is particularly the case with the turtle Miriel, appreciated by the players.


  • Turtle is the new dog
  • The dark side of the human soul

Turtle is the new dog

A worthy youngest of the From Software line, Elden Ring offers like its older brothers a dark and hostile world in which you have to fight for your own survival. The player’s allies can be counted on the fingers of one hand and wild creatures are rarely harmless. Among them are the turtles, which are a real symbol of peace. On Twitter, they are even compared to dogs: this is the page CanYouPetTheDogwhich indicates whether it is possible to pet the dogs according to the games.


In short, turtles are the purest thing in this tortured world of Elden Ring, the quintessence of which is represented by the Turtle Pope. Called Miriel, it is located most of the time in the Church of Vows (the other part of the time it is a boss waiting for anyone who naively hopes to enter the church peacefully). He sells incantations, sorceries and gives leads to players eager for stories and lore.

The dark side of the human soul

A rather welcoming entity given the general atmosphere of the game… which does not prevent some players from killing it. An action that on paper is incomprehensible to anyone new to the Souls universe of From Software. Often, even “friendly” NPCs can drop something important when they die. Better, their death is sometimes required to complete certain quests granting powerful spells as is the case in Demon’s Souls.

In any case, killing Miriel is pure ignominy for some players: evidenced by the many comments under the video of Youtuber Prizza. The latter specializes in videos of the type “And if I kill such and such NPC in Elden Ring, what happens?”. He then takes action under the frightened comments of the Youtube community:

  • “You must not hurt the turtles, it’s worse than killing another human”
  • “There will be no forgiveness for such an act”
  • “Who would be evil enough to do something like that?”

A horrified community also on the Reddit channel of Elden Ring. In a post, a player named VG_Crimson states “killing Pope Turtle“. As on Youtube, Reddit members are devastated: the most liked comments (between 1500 and 9500 upvotes) highlight the horrible behavior of VG_Crimson:

  • “That’s how the cycle started.”
  • “I will pray for you, but I doubt you will escape Hell.”
  • “It breaks my heart.”

Nevertheless, VG_Crimson realizes the cruelty of such an act he had to do and confesses to having to “to live with“. Acknowledged fault half-forgiven?

Source : Reddit

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