Electric car batteries, an ideal solution… on a few conditions

However, zero waste does not exist. We can recycle, yes, but until a certain point. “I don’t know if there are many documented application cases, but in lithium batteries, lithium is in the form of ions, explique Francesco Contino. Cela means that he travels from the anode to the cathode, either from one end of the battery to the other. When we charge or discharge, we try to stuff lithium ions into the cathode or anode material. Lithium is used because he is capable of inserting itself between the meshess of the material. But as explainedIt is electrochemical engineer Nathalie Job, if you overcharge the battery, it will eventually deform like a suitcase deforms if you overfill it. He worth then better load a little but not too much and regularly his battery what from fully charged.”

If we go back to the comparison, after a while we no longer dare to use an old suitcase for fear that it will break. It’s the same with a battery. Recycling is good and we have very good recycling capacities in Belgium for batteries car ! MBut we have to be careful if we don’t know what happened passe with the battery in his first life. VSIt’s very hard to know the state of the battery just by looking at it or taking measurements.”

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