The dark online zombie survival game that is free on Steam

This fun multiplayer title set in a fictional post-apocalyptic city is freely downloadable on the Valve platform.

Steam has many free video games to download and it’s just a matter of refining the search to find one that we like and allow us to enjoy a moment of fun, alone or with friends. This is the case of a title of zombie survival.

The dark online zombie survival game that is free on Steam

Dead Frontier 2 it’s a survival horror online in its darkest form. As one of the few survivors of a destructive outbreak, you must stay safe in the ruins of a dark city. Search for supplies, improve your skills and trade with other players.

This title developed by Neil Yates has over 1 million registered players and it usually has an average of 800 users from the Valve platform, in addition to having 80 percent positive opinions according to the Metacritic site.


Dead Frontier 2 takes place in the fictional town of Fairview, which is infested with zombis. Survivors are able to go alone or together to fight against the hordes, fight against other players in the PvP modelook for food, medicine and ammunition.

You can create your own character unique, selecting from a wide variety of skills, rare equipment, and cosmetic items. This frenetic action video game it’s free on steam since its launch in July 2019.

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