Elon Musk is worried about Greece – 2024-04-18 04:29:35

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The demographic problem combined with the low birth rate in Greece seems to be troubling eccentric billionaire Elon Musk.

The CEO of Tesla and one of the richest people in the world wrote in a post on his “X” account that “Greece is one of dozens of countries that are experiencing a collapse of their population, due to low birth rates.”

At the same time, he reproduced a post saying that Greece will be the first country to experience a “population collapse”, as sudden and unexpected deaths continue to rise, while births fall below all forecasts.

Specifically, the post he cited said: “Heart failure, strokes, thrombosis and aggressive cancers among otherwise healthy young people have caused death rates to rise in Greece, while fertility levels in young men and women lead the rate births in sharp decline, as birth rate is the lowest in almost a century.”

In the past, he has spoken many times about the low birth rate, stressing that it is a threat to humanity and has appealed to the residents of developed countries to have more children. In fact, as he has mentioned, the low birth rate is a greater threat to humanity than global warming.

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