Elon Musk: Uproar with the conspiracy theories about the demographics in Greece that he reproduced from a website with fake news 2024-04-17 13:26:33

In his post, Musk wrote that “Greece is one of dozens of countries facing population collapse due to low birth rates.” This is an article on thepeoplesvoice.tv website, which is titled “Greece ‘population collapse’ looms as sudden deaths rise and fertility falls to record lows”.

According to what the publication says, Greece “is predicted to become the first country to suffer a ‘population collapse’, as sudden and unexpected deaths continue to rise rapidly across the country, while fertility rates have fallen to levels below what the experts thought possible”.

The article then quotes statements by Kyriakos Mitsotakis about demographics, in which the prime minister spoke of a “ticking time bomb”. These are statements that the prime minister had actually made. It also quotes real statements by Kostis Hatzidakis, Greece’s finance minister, which speak of “one of the most serious problems we face not only in Greece but also in the entire EU”.

And that’s where the fake news starts as the article reads that “However, the Greek government has made no mention of the deadly consequences of the spread of the Covid mRNA vaccination in 2021, despite the fact that the statistics of sudden and unexpected deaths are skyrocketing in absolute synchronization with the spread’.

At this point, the article cites tables from the website Our World in Data to prove that what it claims is true, without taking into account all the data, such as deaths from complications of Covid-19. Also, the publication refers to “experts”, without, however, explaining who exactly they are and without referring to relevant research.

The article concludes: “Only that we have been warning for years that the global elite are out to depopulate the world and that reducing fertility levels is a key element of their agenda.

»Bill Gates and other billionaires promote products that knowingly destroy fertility levels in young adults of reproductive age.

“Many of these are household name products that are promoted in the mainstream media and are considered perfectly safe by the average consumer.”

Looking back at the previous articles of the editor who wrote the article about the demographics of Greece, we can find, among many articles that talk about side effects of vaccines, titles like the following:

The UK government will imprison citizens who eat meat

The fully vaccinated OJ Simpson dies after a sudden bout of cancer

The German government admits that there was no pandemic

Big Pharma Executive Admits Defense Department Invented mRNA To Reduce World Population

Justin Trudeau faces life in prison on child rape charges

In fact, this American website appears to have a preference for Vladimir Putin, with articles such as: Global poll reveals that twice as many people would prefer Putin as president than Biden (the poll actually states that “Russian President Vladimir Putin is today more than twice as popular as US President Joe Biden in key Middle Eastern countries”).

A 2017 survey by BuzzFeed News named NewsPunch as the second largest source of popular fake news stories spread on Facebook that year, while a June 2018 Poynter analysis reported that NewsPunch was debunked over 80 times in 2017 and 2018 from Poynter-recognized fact-checkers such as Snopes, FactCheck.org, PolitiFact and the Associated Press.

The European Union’s East StratCom group has criticized NewsPunch for spreading Russian propaganda.

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