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2023-12-13 07:00:50

Origin: USA
Release: 10.12.2023
Label: Black Doomba Records
Duration: 47:03
Genre: Doom

The doom band from Birmingham, Alabama EMBRwhich has been around since 2015 and has already attracted a lot of attention through five EPs, a full-length album and intense live shows, is releasing its second album this month, also under the name EMBR heard

After a news intro thunders Black fat from the speakers, with rich riffs and heavy drums, and in contrast to this the bright and clear voice of the singer Crystal Bigelow, which does not lack power and assertiveness. Aggressive growls also add variety. The song increases halfway through to an absolute climax with gripping guitar melodies, moving vocals and nasty growls, very cool!

An exceptional singing talent

It’s rather short at just over three minutes Leave Us rather fulfills the task of an atmospheric interlude before Owed unstoppably sawing into your brain with its heavy riffing. This piece is carried above all by the exceptional vocal performance of the front woman, who sings full of fervor and intensity towards the hard riff surf!

The Conflict comes across as very variable, somewhat awkward rhythms alternate with spaced-out parts, oriental-inspired solos and the battle between angelic voices and demons’ screams, an interesting mix that needs a few runs to ignite.
The following Yellow surprises with a change between uptempo and viscous doom parts, whereas Everybody is more of an inconsequential and almost unnecessary interlude.

High-class noble doom

With Name score Embr But then again, the guitar effects are nicely varied and the song offers a rollercoaster of emotions between aggression, melancholy, fragility and grace. End Cycle The short interlude takes a similar note 325 acts like a ritual Doom prayer that paves the way to the finale.

Corrupt is also the album’s main song: so much emotionality and expressiveness Crystals Clear vocals over a laid-back intro part simply have to get under everyone’s skin and to their core. When the fat riffs start, it’s over for the listener Embr totally captivate you. In the middle part there is another wonderfully elegiac episode in which the vocals shine. Simply a crowning conclusion to a successful album!

EMBR On their second album of the same name, they offer really top-class doom, which benefits above all from the talent and expressiveness of its front woman, the rich riffs and an exciting variability. A record that you should enjoy in one sitting so that you can really lose yourself in the music. 8 / 10

Line Up
Crystal Bigelow – Gesang
Eric Bigelow – drums
Mark Buchanan – guitar
Justin Regelin – Bass

01. Black
02. Leave Us
03. Owed
04. The Conlict
05 .Yellow
06. Everybody
07. Nomega
08. End Cycle
9. 325
10. Corrupt

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