Emergency Measures to Prevent the Spread of Diphtheria in Algeria: Ministry of Health’s Rapid Response

2023-08-03 10:25:44

Algeria has taken emergency measures to prevent the spread of diphtheria after the appearance of cases of this disease in the wilayas of the far south of the country.

These measures were unveiled on the evening of Wednesday August 2 by the Ministry of Health, which reported the appearance of cases of this disease in the regions located on the borders with the Sahel countries.

The Ministry of Health, assures, in a press release, that “ all measures have been taken urgently by the local health authorities to prevent the spread of diphtheria ».

The ministry cites the “ management of all cases at the level of health structures, the creation of a crisis unit to monitor the epidemiological situation and strengthen surveillance and the carrying out of investigations into cases ».

The Ministry of Health also assures that “ all the means (drugs, anti-diphtheria serum, vaccines, sampling equipment, etc.) have been made available to the care or vaccination teams in areas where cases of diphtheria have been recorded.

He adds that ” large-scale awareness and vaccination campaigns have been launched, targeting the most affected neighborhoods and contact cases ».

Cases of diphtheria in Algeria: emergency measures to prevent the spread

Algeria has registered 16 confirmed cases of diphtheria, according to the Ministry of Health, specifying that ” most of the recorded cases are foreign nationals from unvaccinated neighboring countries who live in the suburbs of Tamanrasset« .

The Ministry of Health indicates that the vaccination campaign that was launched after the appearance of this disease made it possible to vaccinate ” more than 10,100 people ».

He says the situation is stable at present” et « no cases have been recorded for several days” , but the “ vigilance remains in order ».

A disease caused by several species of corynebacteria of the diphtheriae complex, typical diphtheria is a respiratory infection that induces damage to the central nervous system, throat or other organs, leading to death by asphyxiation, according to the Institut Pasteur.

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