Schatzschneider’s Controversial Remarks on Women’s Football and Vegan Sausages

2023-08-03 10:49:05

What’s that about?

Just before our girls at the World Cup in Australia against South Korea ( HERE live in the ticker) are fighting for a place in the round of 16, Dieter Schatzschneider (65), a Bundesliga legend, comments disparagingly about women’s football.

Dieter Schatzschneider

Photo: Jens Wolf/dpa

During the “NP Kickoff – Der 96 Talk” on Wednesday evening, the youth scout from Hannover 96 was asked if he was now a fan of women’s football. His answer short and sweet: “No!”

His explanation initially begins quite forgiving. “I really begrudge the ladies from the bottom of my heart. They can play and do whatever they want – all good,” says Schatzschneider.

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But then his tasteless comparison follows: “But I still refuse. It’s just like talking about a vegan sausage…”

Schatzschneider compares women’s football with vegan sausage

This comparison should bring a lot of criticism to the native Hanoverian. Because women’s football is booming – also in Germany. The second group game of our girls against Colombia (1:2) alone was watched by more than 10 million viewers in front of the TV screen. An outstanding rate!

The national coach anticipated it beforehand: “The other nations are getting better and better!”

Source: PICTURE 08/03/2023

But the living 96 legend apparently doesn’t want to know anything about that. By the way, he doesn’t like vegan sausages either: “I refuse. My body also rejects vegan food,” emphasizes Schatzschneider. “Anyone can eat vegan. But that doesn’t do me any good.”

The ex-professional (including Schalke 04, Hamburger SV, Hannover 96) will not have made many friends on Wednesday evening. Because the former top striker also lashes out against ALL Ultras.

“I prefer the real fans, who come to the stadium and always remain loyal and are serious and demand nothing but to see a good game, ten times more than the ultras,” stressed Schatzschneider.

And further: “I can’t do anything with them. For me they are a fundamental evil in the entire Bundesliga. They allow themselves too much. For me it’s annoying to the point of no longer.”

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