Emergency Medicine Training Workshop for Doctors in Lebanon: Enhancing Capabilities and Developing a Permanent Emergency Plan

2023-11-03 18:21:08

The Health Committee of the “Lebanon Doctors Association” praised “the training workshop, launched by the Beirut Doctors Syndicate, dedicated to doctors who wish to develop their capabilities in the field of emergency medicine and adopt a permanent emergency plan, in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health.”
She indicated that “the medical emergency plan includes joining medical personnel to the hospitals and medical centers in which they work, to treat the sick and wounded, and working to distribute medical personnel to support hospitals and other medical centers throughout the entire Lebanese territory, in the event that there is a shortage and need for specific specialties.” , working to support clinics, primary care centers, and health and humanitarian institutions, in the event that Lebanese groups are displaced, to treat them and take care of people who have been harmed, as a result of the attack, or who suffer from chronic diseases, and finally, to distribute medical personnel and specialists, to participate in providing medical services and surgical work, in “If field hospitals are created to treat the wounded.”
The association placed its medical capabilities and capabilities and its members at the disposal of the union and the ministry.

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