Shocking Airport Incident: Woman Runs Past Security to Stop Plane, Viral Video

2023-11-04 08:15:32

Throughout our lives we travel a lot and often miss the bus, train or flight we need to travel by being a minute or two late. But the actions of an Australian woman at the airport to avoid missing the plane scared everyone.

The woman had come to board a Qantas Link flight to Adelaide. After arriving late at the airport, in a frenzy, she ran to the front of the plane without stopping at the security section. The video of the young woman’s feat is circulating on social media.

This video was taken by Dennis Bilic, an X user who was waiting for a flight at the airport. Many other flights were delayed due to this act of the woman. Denny shared the video on his X account with the title “Incident at Canberra Airport tonight”.

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It is clear from the footage that the young woman who bypassed the security and ran in front of the plane stood in front of the plane and made gestures to the pilot to stop.

The pilot had no choice but to shut down the aircraft’s engine. The woman was later arrested and removed. According to the News 9 report, the woman was trying to grab the plane and the wing of the plane and tried to attract the pilot’s attention by raising her hands. According to the report, none of the employees came forward to stop the young woman who ran away from the security.


After the incident, the Australian Federal Police arrested the woman on Wednesday. The woman will be produced in court.

A similar incident took place in Las Vegas in 2020. The 41-year-old man, who climbed onto the wing of the plane that was ready to fly, caused panic among everyone. Flight 1367 from Las Vegas to Portland was preparing to take off when the pilot noticed a man walking towards the plane. Alaska Airlines said in a statement that the control tower was immediately notified. Air marshals advised passengers on board to remain calm in their seats. The officers then tried to arrest him. After about 45 minutes, officers climbed into the wing via the emergency exit and approached the suspect.

Meanwhile, he removed his socks and shoes and tried to climb on the winglet, the upper part of the wing of the plane. He fell down and was caught by the officers. Erin Evans, a passenger on the plane, captured the footage on her mobile phone. He suffered minor injuries and was arrested after being examined at the University Medical Center

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