Emma Watson’s Gravity-Defying Dress: A Fashion Mystery

2023-06-20 01:30:30


Emma Watson is seen as a fashion icon for young women because of her choice of clothes that are always stylish and unusual. But times fans are confused by his recent appearance.

The ‘Harry Potter’ star shared several photos from the campaign for the alcoholic beverage brand he started with his younger brother, Alex Watson. In one of the photos, Emma Watson is seen wearing a light blue dress that matches her sister’s shirt.

The dress she wore seemed to have a drapery accent with a deconstructive silhouette. Netizens’ attention was focused on the straps of the dress.

Emma Watson wears a floating dress that confuses netizens. Photo: Instagram/@emmawatson

The rope is seen hanging without touching Emma Watson’s shoulder. The illusion makes the dress appear to be defying gravity and covering the actress’ body without sticking to her skin.

Fans are also confused about the concept of the dress from the Loewe Spring 2023 collection. There are even netizens who connect it with the world of magic, considering that Emma Watson plays the smart witch Hermione Granger in the film ‘Harry Potter’.

“What in the wingardium leviosa is that dress,” commented netizens, writing one of the magic spells to lift or make objects float.

“How’s that dress on you? Hanging from your ears?” curious netizens asked.

“I think someone forgot to remove the hanger from her dress before she put it on,” wrote another netizen.

“Emma looks like a closed umbrella,” netizens joked again.

“The dress seems to float. I’m trying to understand it,” said netizens.

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