Empowering Environmental Media: Insights from International Media Professionals

2023-11-11 08:56:06

A number of media professionals working in a group of international media institutions stressed the importance of strengthening the role of environmental media, which contributes to raising the levels of awareness of individuals and communities about environmental issues, in light of the climate challenges facing the world.
This came in statements to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, coinciding with the approaching activities of the second session of the World Media Congress, which will discuss on its first day the theme of environmental media.

They said that environmental media is an essential pillar for confronting climate challenges, as it is the compass that guides and directs the public to achieve climate goals, and that the role of this media field lies in urging individuals to participate in confronting environmental issues, by providing them with information and developments related to this issue, stressing that the media and journalism Environment in particular has the ability to influence society in a way that may contribute significantly to changing negative environmental behaviors and practices.

They praised the UAE’s leadership in confronting climate challenges due to its embrace of qualitative projects in the field of environmentally friendly energy and proper exploitation of natural resources, which contributed to consolidating its leadership position in this field, and reflected its keenness and awareness about the importance of climate and environmental issues to ensure a more sustainable future free of carbon emissions.

Kamran Gasimov, a press editor at Azerbaijan TV, said that media tools play a pivotal role in improving environmental trends by delivering clear and direct messages to the public about the importance of achieving sustainable development and clarifying the concepts of green energy, while taking into account diversification in the delivery of messages, with the aim of contributing to the creation of a generation aware of These issues are able to build a new era of energy.

He added that environmental media must be on the front lines of confronting climate challenges and realize its leadership role in influencing societies and spreading environmental and climate culture that will benefit the global environment-friendly energy scene, and continue providing all segments of the public with information about green energy and its future.

In turn, Gabriela Vega, a journalist at “ECO TV” from the Republic of Panama, said: “We, media professionals and journalists in particular, are the voice of the public, and we have a kind of influence on it that we can employ to have a positive impact in terms of increasing awareness about the importance of climate issues and sharing the experiences of other countries to increase environmental awareness.” In addition to maintaining the objectivity and integrity of information to keep the public constantly informed about future steps.”

For her part, Paula Maselli Trindade, assistant editor at UOL from Brazil, pointed out the obstacles that could hinder environmental media’s progress towards changing negative environmental practices, influencing the lifestyle of members of the public, and increasing their awareness of the importance of environmental and climate issues facing the world, which she said. It is represented by the varying level of interest of the audiences receiving this type of news, due to the fact that environmental media is new on the scene and unfamiliar to some.

For her part, Eun Kim, a press editor at MBC in the Republic of Korea, said that the UAE uses its natural resources intelligently to generate electricity from renewable and clean energy sources, which has contributed to enhancing its global competitiveness, specifically in the field of solar energy as it is home to the largest power stations. Solar power plants in the world, such as the “Noor Abu Dhabi” and “Shams” stations, and the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Energy Park.

Kim pointed out the importance of the role of the media in conveying these expertise and experiences to accelerate the establishment of green energy projects and increase awareness about employing natural resources in renewable energy.

Ileana Dimitrovo, a journalist from the BTV Media Group in the Republic of Bulgaria, said that the UAE reflects the extent to which the “desert can become green,” after it was able to overcome environmental and climate difficulties and turn many of the energy sources it relies on into green and sustainable. Adding that the projects implemented by the UAE in this field confirm its ability to transform natural sources and resources into renewable and environmentally friendly energy anywhere in the world.

In the context of anticipating the cities of the future, Maria Agustina Lopez, an environmental journalist on the “Artear TN” channel from Argentina, said that the role of journalists concerned with the environment and climate lies in informing the public of what the cities of the future will look like, which is an essential role in uplifting societies and countries and stimulating work to build… These cities, explaining the importance of informing the public about the experiences of other countries in the field of producing more environmentally friendly energy and how to employ modern technology to achieve environmental goals.

For her part, Liabo Enida Sithu, an economic correspondent for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) in Johannesburg, South Africa, said: “Masdar City in Abu Dhabi is one of the most sustainable cities, as it supports the country’s efforts to reach climate neutrality by 2050, and I am happy that we can play.” A major role in transferring these experiences to our country is that we are on the front line with these issues.”

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