Empowering Night Economy with Cultural Flavor at Normal University Night Market

2023-05-09 09:25:39

Add a “cultural flavor” to the pyrotechnics! Normal University Night Market Empowers “Night Economy” with Creative Design

2023-05-09 17:25:39 Source: Leading News·Heilongjiang Daily Author: Wang Xingguo, Cai Tao, Jiang Guohong

On the 8th, Wang Leilei, an 8-year-old Harbin kid, followed his parents to the Shida Night Market. This time he came not only to enjoy the food, but more importantly, to experience the art, culture and creative market. With the help of the non-inherited inheritor of Sugar Blower, he successfully blew out a “little mouse”.

clang! As soon as the gong sounded, the market opened. At 17:00 on the 8th, hosted by the Propaganda Department of Nangang District Committee of Harbin City, Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Nangang District, Harbin City, organized by Hexing Road Sub-district Office of Nangang District, Harbin City, Harbin Shida Investment Co., Ltd., co-organized by Harbin Nangang District Cultural Center The “North University Night Market Vendor Faner IN Lane Art, Culture and Creative Market” opened at the Normal University Night Market.

Assortment of small commodities

Hickory handicrafts, birch bark paintings, hollowed out gourds, sugar blowers… A group of “craftsmen” came with their “unique skills”, attracting a large number of citizens to watch.

It is understood that the “North University Night Market Vendor Faner IN Lane Art and Culture Creative Market” will last for a week. During the event from May 8th to 14th, there will be intangible cultural heritage exhibitions and experience activities. The inheritors will talk about intangible cultural heritage knowledge and share with them Citizen interaction experience.

“I also blow sugar man”

The theme of this activity is to rejuvenate the inheritance of the “national trend” and to make the intangible cultural heritage glow with new brilliance. Through lighting, scenery, beautiful display installations, and offline exhibitions, the traditional culture is reinterpreted. The original format of the Shida Night Market On this basis, rationally plan the entrance of the night market to the first 100-meter block of the food area, introduce a variety of special exhibition and sales categories covering intangible cultural heritage art, handicrafts, and national tide culture, and create a “Chinese style”, “ice city flavor”, multi-dimensional A brand-new nightlife form that integrates, immersing, viewing, shopping, traveling, and interactive experience into one, making it another gathering point for tourists at the Normal University Night Market.


30 representative intangible cultural heritage works from countries, provinces, and municipalities are stationed in the night market, adding local cultural characteristics, “intangible cultural heritage + food”, adding a “cultural flavor” to the fireworks in the world. The entire event was broadcast live on the Internet, and new media resources were used to empower publicity and promotion. Grasp the consumption characteristics of “post-90s” and “post-00s” as the main groups, and conduct online publicity, communication and interaction through public accounts, short videos, social applications and other media platforms to accumulate fans and attention. Through elements such as “night market crowd flow”, “intangible cultural heritage” and “new media”, the “tradition” and “modernity” are combined to add commercial formats and cultural attributes to the “night market” and give consumers a rich consumption scene experience. Innovate and create a variety of night consumption scenes, promote the upgrading of the “North University Night Market” brand, upgrade the food IP of the night market to a cultural tourism IP, and build “North University Night Market” into night food, night shopping, night tours, night exhibitions, etc. A nighttime consumption gathering demonstration area with multiple business types and strong radiation driving ability, using creative design to empower Nangang’s “night economy” to upgrade.

Exchange guqin score

“North Normal University Night Market” has spent 27 years on the road of counterattack of roadside stalls in the ice city, bringing together more than 70 kinds of special snacks from all over the country into a “taste museum” and creating a “late night canteen” for Harbin people , An important check-in place for foreign tourists. In order to make the city more lively, artistic and cultural, “North University Night Market” will cooperate with Nangang District to further create an exclusive artistic and cultural creative IP scene, forming a multi-cultural format exhibition and sales of production culture, incubation culture and export culture. “, a different kind of artistic and cultural creativity “reception room”.

Text/Photo by Wang Xingguo, reporter Cai Tao/Reporter Jiang Guohong

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