Empress Michiko of Japan Celebrates 89th Birthday: Updates on Health and Royal Family Celebrations

2023-10-20 05:51:12

[Zhang Cuilan/Comprehensive Foreign News]Empress Michiko of Japan celebrates her 89th birthday on Friday (10/20). Although the heart failure index continues to be high, the Imperial Household Agency revealed that the queen’s health is not serious. The 21-year-old Princess Aiko, the eldest daughter of Japanese Emperor Naruhito, was photographed taking a ride to the residence of Michiko and Emperor Akihito to celebrate her birthday. Her slim appearance looked steady and dignified.

According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency, Akihito and Michiko’s second son, Prince Akishino Fumihito, the imperial heir, and his wife Noriko went to the “Sendou Imperial Palace” in Moto Akasaka, Tokyo, on October 20 to visit and celebrate his birthday.

Princess Aiko, the only daughter of Japanese Emperor Naruhito, was also photographed taking a ride here to congratulate her. Aiko smiled and waved to people in the back seat as she entered Akasaka Imperial Palace in a car.

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According to the Imperial Household Agency, the Empress had more opportunities to go out after the novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic was downgraded in the Infectious Diseases Act in May this year. On May 14, she met the 89-year-old Emperor Akihito for the first time in four years. Another private trip to Kyoto and Nara, and a retreat in Karuizawa, Nagano.

The report also stated that it was reported that as the memorial ceremony for civilian sailors who died in the Pacific War ushered in its 50th anniversary, Michiko and Akihito often talked about their wartime past together.

In terms of physical condition, Michiko, who was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer and developed “deep vein thrombosis” in her right calf, has been experiencing symptoms of low-grade fever in the afternoon for more than three years, and her heart failure indicators continue to be high.

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According to reports, as Michiko’s physical strength declined, Akihito often asked with concern, “Are you okay?”

Michiko’s grandfather was the founder of the famous Japanese flour manufacturer “Nissin Milling”. She married into the royal family and became Japan’s first civilian queen. Akihito abdicated as emperor before his death on April 30, 2019, and the throne was given to his eldest son Naruhito.

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Princess Aiko took a ride to celebrate her birthday. (Picture source LINE TODAY: AP/Dazhi Image)
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